Quick Start

Get your API keys

Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.

You can generate an API key from your Dashboard at any time. Visit your bot page then go to dashboard -> API -> create API key, your API key will appear in the table at the top of the page.

Good to Know: The API key created in the dashboard is specific to the bot for which it was generated. Therefore, the information displayed, including votes, will only pertain to the bot associated with the API key.

Rewarding Voting

Rewarding user votes can be a great way to increase the number of votes your bot gains as well as growing a loyal userbase. It is common for bots to reward their users with in-bot currency or features due to voting, but this is completely up to you!

pageRewarding Votes

Diffcord API Functionality

The Diffcord API offers functionality to allow you to link to your Diffcord profile, statuses and users. For more information regarding specifics, visit our endpoints. Make sure to use a an API key!


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